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For Sale

1992 Seagrave Commander II Squrt

Waterous 2000 GPM 2 stage pump

Serial # 1F9EW28JXNCST2028

Truck is being sold for $11,900 without radios, siren, bell, & equipment.

Boom is currently out of service and truck is fully in service and actively used as an engine (was just first in on a kitchen fire last week). The detail on the boom came from Fireline Equipment in East Earl, PA

Item found defective during aerial preventative maintenance visit - Squrt main frame, chassis frame and water tank structure showing heavy corrosion.

Work needed for boom operation to be certified - Pull boom from turntable and remove hose bed flooring, dividers, water tank and water tank structure. Unbolt main frame from chassis and raise main frame along with body to clean and repair main frame and chassis frame. This will involve adding reinforcing plates as necessary to strengthen weakened area on main frame and applying POR corrosion inhibitor to affected areas. Lower main frame and body and reconnect to chassis frame. Clean and repair water tank structure as needed. This will involve replacing supports as necessary and applying POR corrosion inhibitor to affected areas. Install water tank structure and water tank. Reassemble hose bed flooring, dividers and boom. Run and test for proper operations and leaks.

Estimated cost to repair including aerial re-certification test Performed by UL is $22,000.

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